Bath Time Is A Fun Time

In our household, baths are considered to be fun, according to Brody that is.  Emily would go without a bath for days if we'd let her! #why!?  Brody is at that perfect age where he loves having water around and enjoys his freedom enough to mostly solo play and doesn't really even care that he is being washed.  After bath time we always run around in a diaper and cuddle and play. 


If you aren't familiar with or haven't heard of Bambo Nature, you're seriously missing out!  Bambo Nature is an eco-friendly company that has been going for 30 years!  That's crazy to have been around and still going strong for that long! 


I was able to get my hands on their diapers, wipes, and skincare line and let me tell you-it's nothing short of amazing!  First off with their diapers I'm so impressed.  With two babies around we have gone through almost every brand of diapers in the past three years, including cloth diapering, and I'm telling you honestly: Bambo diapers are the softest out there.  The diapers feel like a soft cloth unlike some other brands that feel like plastic, and seem so comfy on Brody.  Another thing I love about these diapers is the sizing.  Brody fluctuates from brand to brand between size 4-5 but Bambo's size 4s fit perfectly and are even awesome overnight.  Their wipes are super soft as well!


Now on to the skincare line.  The first thing I noticed about every product is that there is NO scent.  That's amazing to me because I enjoy adding essential oils sometimes and am always worried about what is being used to create a scent found in lotions or other products that I use on my kiddos.  Their body wash lathers so nicely and their Snuggle Time lotion is super creamy.  I was so surprised when I found out that both these products are $5.00 or under (like...what?!?!)  The Love Balm is something we have grown to love.  Emily has slight eczema and we are always looking for soothing options to help her skin and we struck gold with this balm.  We have used it for a little bit of diaper rash as well, even though it doesn't claim to be for that, it still helped!  The product that I love most and haven't seen before is their Splish Splash Bath Oil.  I add this oil to the kiddos' bath water and apply it directly after bath time and their skin is left SO soft!  There's not a greasy residue either which is something I was pleasantly surprised about. 

If you have kiddos or need awesome ideas for baby shower gifts I totally recommend Bambo Nature products!  You can find them all here