Quality Time With A Three Year Old


This past year has been an interesting one for us.  Emily is three and a half now and basically runs the show.  She's so independent and strong willed.  She's got a huge imagination and a mind of her own, which I adore.  Sometimes she'll want to cuddle up and relax but most of the time she's non-stop, wanting to go go go. 


One thing she and I both look forward to is getting our "bookies" each month from Bookroo's subscription service!  She of course loves thinking it's her birthday and opening each book and I love the moments afterwards.  The special little time we get together to read our books and experience something new together.  Every month Bookroo sends out two books and even has an option for you to purchase subscriptions as gifts!  I've given so many of these to kiddos we know for birthdays and it's always such a hit.  No one expects something like this and they totally love it!


I've come to realize that you don't need a lot of money to make a big impact on your kiddos.  They don't want your money or the many things it can buy them, they just want you and your time.  Heck, I could give Emily a hundred toys to play with but she'd still be way happier with only me sitting on the floor interacting with her and communicating.  I love that about children. 

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