The Scariest Day Of My Life


Today was crazy scary.  Emily was at school, Scott was at work and it was just me and Brody at home.  We were settling down after lunch and I had some watermelon so was feeding little bites to him.  I'm sitting on our couch and he is standing toddling around next to me and the next thing I know he just has a look on his face, I knew something was wrong.  I got on the floor and looked to see that he was breathing.  I'm shaking and he is NOT breathing.  I pick him up, turn him over with his chest/rib area on my knee and slap him five time of the back, hard.  He took a breath when I pulled him up to look at him.  I just couldn't believe what just happened.  I was shaking, freaking out, but my instincts kicked in.  For my job I have to be CPR certified and I'll forever be grateful for that.  Who ever thinks you'll have to do something like this let alone on your own child!   

I PLEASE strongly encourage everyone to take a CPR class or even research online how to perform it in the crazy event of something like this!  I truly believe it saved my son's life!