What I Wished For The Most


About two years ago when we found out we were expecting baby number two (how in the world has it been two years!?) Scott and I would talk about what we hoped for in regards to Emily having a sibling, how we thought she would act, if she would want to have anything to do with him, cuddle him, etc.  We heard lots of stories about how all kids are different and you just never know.  We tried to prepare her as best as we could for her to welcome Brody!


Well, 13 months later she loves him!  Wahoo!  It wasn't always like that though.  In the beginning she was super timid but always wanted to help.  If he was crying she would tell me, "Mommy, Brody needs you!"  I mean, how sweet, right?!  Emily definitely loves playing the role of big sister and loves to help me and Scott with almost anything.  


It's pretty well accepted I think that older siblings sort of run the toy game in the house until the younger siblings can fend for themselves.  That's what Emily does anyway.  Brody is just now getting to the point where he'll sort of try to hold on to a toy if she tries to take it, or he'll chase her around the house and she hates it, most of the time.  He's slowly starting to learn how to annoy her and it's beyond funny to me most of the time!  

Sometimes they do actually get along and those are the quiet moments I love where I can just sit back and admire what God made for our lives!