DIY: 5 Minute All Natural "Wake Me Up" Salt Scrub


How about a little diy today?!  This salt scrub is super easy to make, is so moisturizing and energizing, and can be an amazing gift!  

Everyone could use some extra umpfh in the morning right?  I actually work full-time overnights so I for SURE love having something extra to help wake me up and get me going for work.   

Today's project only uses 6 things: 

  • sea salt, I used this
  • coconut oil, I used this
  • peppermint oil
  • lemon oil
  • a storage container, I picked one up at Michael's for around $4. 
  • a way to grind your salt



 I poured about a third of the jar of salts into a bowl, ground them down (the most time consuming part), added a cup of coconut oil and mixed those together.  If you aren't loving the texture or it's too dry just add more coconut oil.  Once you have your desired consistency add in your oils.  I used about 10 drops of each, mix it up really well and transfer your smell good creation to your storage jar, VOILA!

After using this in the shower, my skin is SO soft and moisturized, I love it!  You can of course change up your oil combo to almost anything, this simple scrub is super versatile! 

Happy creating!