Why I Joined Young Living

Today's post comes with sort of a heavy heart.  As some of you know I have been with SeneGence for a little while.  I started selling LipSense because I felt like it honestly worked, was a great unique product, and let's be honest, I wanted to have some supplemental income for my family!  So I'm going to preface this; I have only ever sold LipSense.  That's it, total, my whole life.  I haven't sold any other SeneGence products, haven't sold any other brands or anything like that.  I always thought, "well, that's just not me, my style, how I do things."  Turns out, I was right, you guys.  I'm not that good at all at selling LipSense.  I'm not good at selling anything, haha.  I was talking with my husband about it and wondering why I'm no good at this.  I mean, I have actually made plenty of sales, but people weren't jumping at the bit to sign up to sell as well, which is what I wanted.  After chatting about this over and over with him and doing some research online I just came to this conclusion: SeneGence just isn't right for ME.  That doesn''t mean it's not right for someone else.  I am totally not here to bash any brand or say anything negative but I'm here to tell you guys why I switched.  

So let's go back about a year, probably exactly a year actually.  I had just given birth to Brody and we were at home, had been for maybe 2 weeks.  For those of you who don't know, Brody was colicky.  If you're not sure what having a colicky baby is like, let me tell you.  It's HELL.  Brody was constantly screaming, not crying, but screaming.  Morning, noon, and night.  On top of dealing with his colic, big sister along with Mom and Dad were getting adjusted to all of the sudden all the attention going to this screaming child other than our adorable perfect little two year old.  I was suffering from postpartum depression which I had with Emily as well.  I had left my career of almost 10 years a few months before Brody was born so my income had ceased.  It was just a LOT to handle.  We were pretty much losing our minds to say the least.  We had researched so much stuff about how to help a baby with colic, we'd gone to the doctor's office three times in two weeks over it, I was crying all the time.  You guys, it just...sucked!  

One of my friends who is with Young Living, posted on Facebook about something oil related and it caught my attention.  It wasn't even baby related but I had been seeing how much her oils had pretty much changed her life so I reached out to her asking if there was anything she could recommend for colic.  No joke, about 2 hours later she was at my house with her kit.  She was more than gracious to help me, not only with oils but as a mom of two herself.  Long story short, after talking and learning what I could with my exhausted mind I ended up purchasing a Starter Kit and a Gentle Baby oil in addition to that.  There are so many amazing starter oils in the set and I was willing to do whatever it took to help my little baby.  I wasn't afraid to oil him up and jumped in that first night.  I'm telling you guys, oils WORK!  We diffused lavender in his room that night and rubber diluted Gentle Baby on him and I'm not kidding you, we saw a noticeable difference in him!  I used the Stress Away roll on as well and totally noticed a calming effect, it was amazing.  We continued to use our oils and for other purposes than just baby related.  Eventually though, I fell off the band wagon and stopped using my oils for anything other than teething and relaxation.  I wasn't super into anything oil related before Brody but after using the few we did and do use, I'm a firm believer that they really DO work.  

That was my first and only experience with Young Living.  I kept my oils up in our cabinet for so long, only really using lavender and copiba.  Lavender for a calming effect and copaiba on Brody's gums during teething.  They worked like a charm each time we used them and still use them to this day!  


The second time I really USED oils was while I was traveling in Los Angeles for an event.  It just so happens that my same friend who signed me up for Young Living a year or so ago was traveling with me, and of course she had her oils where ever she went!  We ended up at Laguna Beach and while "running from a wave" I horribly injured my calf.  It was to the point of me not really being able to make it off the sand to our car to even go for help.  Turns out I tore the majority of my muscles.  Let me tell you, it was the worst pain ever, even after childbirth.  My friend though, she whipped out her oils and went to work on me.  She used peppermint oil and the Deep Relief roller and I tell you what, that incident is what made me really want to start using our oils more.  I saw how much they really do work for so many things.

So why am I writing about joining Young Living Essential Oils when I myself am not that into them?  Here it is, you guys...

Young Living products WORK and are truly natural and safe.  Safety with babies is number one for me and I'm sure for every other household.  With Young Living JUST releasing new products, here they are!...


There's an entire cosmetics line AND a friggin baby line!  I couldn't believe it when I saw my friend posting about it.  I'm still sort of in shock at how amazing these products are after seeing them and using them in person.  If essential oils aren't your thing, that's 100% okay!  I'm not here to push anything on anyone ever but you guys!... There was no way I was able to pass up on such an amazing brand after seeing these new products.  The biggest reason SeneGence didn't work for me was because I wasn't honestly passionate about it.  With the new Young Living products, I am SO passionate!  I'm willing to bet that every single person can use something from Young Living, whether it be oils, household cleaner, makeup, supplements, or baby related things, they offer everything.  It's a one-stop shop now and it's only going to get better!

So my conclusion?  I joined Young Living because they offer something I am passionate about and that will actually work for and with my family's needs.  I don't feel awkward talking about their products or posting about them on social media.  Why?  Because I really DO use these things and I want to be able to pass on how safe and chemical free they are as well as how effective they are.  We all want the best for our families, right, and for ourselves and I'm not kidding or playing it up when I tell you that Young Living is where it's at!  I've seen over the past year or so how much Young Living has changed my friend's life and I want to have that for MY life!  I want that for YOUR life, too!  Right now is THE time to sign up for Young Living, you get discounts upon discounts and the opportunity for so many other things JUST for purchasing something you already would use!

Until next time,