Welp, We've Outgrown The Pack N' Play.

Just another thing that confirms how big my baby boy is getting; his pack n' play is too small.  I used to really love being able to let Brody play while being confined, especially when I'm trying to clean our main floor with our gate open.  I swear, there's something drilled into babies' brains telling them that the stairs are the only place they should be!  

Don't get me wrong, Brody is super proficient with our stairs but still, it's not like I can just let him run the whole place, haha.  

Enter: The portable play yard.  This thing is huge!  When you get it, it looks like you're carrying a pack n' play, but it's lighter for sure.  There are only two steps to set this play yard up, open it up and push down two bars to lock everything in place...voila!  I think we are going to pick up some of those ball-pit balls and toss them in there, Emily would love that too!  The most cool feature of this play yard is that it's so easily transported.  It literally takes less than one minute to set up and take down, come with a carrying bag with a shoulder strap, and can go anywhere.  I wish I had known about this baby when we were in Florida!  Anyway, I can't wait to use this baby outside and not have to worry about Brody crawling all over bugs and bees, oh...and I'll sit back and relax knowing he can't go far!  

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