Our Evening Routine

I posted on Instagram asking what other mama's evening routine was with their kiddos and you guys gave me some super fun ideas!  Ever since I went back to work, it's overnight, so I'm able to be at home with my babies and husband every evening and I'm loving it.  I've been trying to make a conscious effort to get outside and do more things with my babies while they're still so young and willing to hang out with me, haha!

I had posted about how Emily really loves to "water" our driveway instead of our flowers.  She'll use all the water in her watering can and pour in on the driveway then she loves to walk through it and make footprints, or make handprints.  She just thinks it's so so fun and I love spending this time with her, seeing her learn and laughing together.  

One of the suggestions given to me was to have her "paint" with water.  What a fun idea, right?  Well, Emily loved it just as much as I thought she would.  She painted pretty much the whole back deck then wanted to go to the front driveway.  I thought it was so so sweet how Emily reacted when the water evaporated so quickly (because it's like-90 degrees here, haha), she would get all high pitched and it was just WAY too cute! 

Emily and Brody's outfits are from their capsule wardrobes as well.  You can ready about Emily's capsule here, Brody's capsule information is in the works now.

We tend to hit up my favorite store ever, Target, a lot as well.  With us trying to cook nightly and be healthier we tend to go every other day to the grocery store, so why not make it somwhere fun?!

Also, if you're loving Scott's ring, its from Qalo!  It's so practical and wearable for everyday life, made of silicone and super comfortable.  Scott has the Thin Blue Line ring, which of course shows our support for his career of being a Police Officer!