A Few Mama Things...

So today I'm sharing two products with you guys.  Just like any Mama, I try to make time for myself during the day every now and again and today I was able to try something new and wear something blue! (Hahahaha, I'm pretty funny to myself 😂) 


 First let's talk hats.  I've recently started to love them like crazy!  I think it started when we were planning our Florida vacation.  My hair is SO frizzy when it's in humidity.  I'm talking like, my hair will just HEAR the word humid and then poof! ... lion mane.  Ha!  So anyway I got to thinking of solutions because we all know Mamas need convenience and having two littles, I definitely don't have the time to worry about my silly hair!    


Enter: GigiPip

GigiPip is a women's hat shop from Utah.  I immediately fell for this shop, you guys.  Every hat is so modern yet traditional.  Love it.  Not only do they carry  all kinds of brimmed hats but also new baseball caps!  Sooo anyway, needless to say I lived in my navy Eve hat, shown here, and green baseball cap and will for the rest of eternity. Haha.  Do yourself a favor and buy. all. the. hats!


This next product I'm going to talk about is something totally out the norm for me.  CandyLipz Plumper caught my eye.  I've always had what I'd consider to be thin lips so naturally wanted fuller lips!  Reviews showed some people loving their results and others laughing at how huge their lips actually got!  So here is my experience...

I received this product complimentary from CandyLipz. All opinions are 100% my own.


I read all the booklets and instructions that came with my CandyLipz apple, cleaned my lips, made sure nothing was on them.  It took me a little bit to figure out how to attach the plumper to my mouth, it was pretty hilarious actually.  Once I got it on there and it felt "right" since it was my first time using it, I was pretty nervous.  I didn't want to remove this plumper and have my lips be 4x my normal size!  I ended up removing it after one minute.  I felt like I could sort of see a difference!  I wanted more so I did it three more times for one minute at a time.  The end result, as the instructions stated, were fuller lips and what, to me, looks like bruising around my top lip and Cupid's bow area.  I was expecting this so not disappointed there or anything.  My lips were pretty full at this point.  I took a shower and thought maybe the heat would help lessen the fullness.  Well, it didn't.  I ended up putting on some makeup to try and cover the bruising and blue tint on my skin.  I feel like it sort of covered it but maybe I need a fuller coverage foundation because I can clearly see a "shadow".  My review:


Painfull?  Yes but nothing unbearable.  Did it work?  It sure did!  It plumped up my lips like nothing I'd ever had before!  Was it easy?  Yes, once I figured out the safe way to do it, it was pretty simple.  How long does it last?  The fullness for me lasted about 2.5 hours.  So far the bruising is still there.  Would I do it again?  I feel like this isn't something I would use everyday, but for an occasion where I'd like to amp up my look, sure I would.  Would I recommend CandyLipz?  If you're into fuller lips and don't want lip fillers, I'd say the cons of this product don't outway the pros, so yep, I'd recommend it!


Of course I had to throw in a total Mom look being thrown there here.  Haha!  And my girl looking FAB in her GigiPip hat 😂