From Diaper Bag To Camera Bag!


You guys!  JuJuBe's new print, Rosy Posy, is in. my. hands!  I've been drooling over this print for so long and it's finally here!

I'm generally a neutral print type person, however when I saw Rosy Posy, my jaw just dropped.  It's so feminine, clean, and bright!  I'm just in love.  I think it can be qualified as a neutral print anyway so-winning!


I've been carrying the same boring all black camera bag for years now and have desperately been wanting to upgrade.  JuJuBe's Be Right Back style is by far my favorite and it just makes sense for it have double use as a camera bag.  The Be Right Back is a backpack so I'm hands-free, the straps are super padded for comfortable wearing, there are tons of pockets and zippered areas, and lots of other JuJuBe pieces fit perfectly to help keep everything organized. 


The front zippered area is perfect for all my Mama things while I'm out shooting; keys, phone, gum, sunglasses, etc.  


I keep my extra SD cards, lens caps, and battery charger in the outside zippered pockets for easy access.  


One of my favorite pieces to help organize my extra lenses and accessories is JuJuBe's Fuel Cell!  Obviously I'm photographing these photos with my DSLR, so my camera isn't shown in the bag but it fits perfectly right inside the BRB.  I'm photographing with my 35mm prime lens, store my 50mm prime and speedlight in one of my Fuel Cells, and keep my coveted 85mm Sigma prime lens in its original super padded case since it's too big to fit in my Fuel Cell with the other two pieces! 


There you have it!  I've used a few of my other Be Right Back backpacks while out with clients and they've been so easy to work with but am SO anxious to get out and about with this Rosy Posy print.  It's seriously like-the most beautiful thing ever!  I mean, look at these colors and the silver hardware! Gah!!  Who else is obsessed!?