How To Choose The Right JuJuBe Diaper Bag For You!


I've been getting tons of messages asking about JuJuBe recently since, clearly I'm obsessed with them, duh.  So many people are in love your JuJuBe's prints and functionality but always ask what bag is my favorite and why and what bag I think they should get.  That's such a tough question to answer, I love all the bags for different reasons!  I use JJB bags for so much more than only diaper bags too, so what b ag you want/need all depends on what you'll be using it for

Here we go!  The JuJuBe bags and accessories I have are:

  • B.F.F. 
  • Helix
  • Be Light
  • Be Classy
  • B.R.B.
  • Super Be
  • Starlet (travel/overnight bag)
  • Fuel Cell (lunchbox)
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Set (small crossbody, clutch, and coin purse)
  • Mini Be (Emily's backpacks)
  • Itty Bitty Be (Emily's purse)
  • Be Sporty
  • Be Ready (makeup case)
  • Be Rich (wallet)
  • Mega Tech (fits my IPad Pro)

Here is the Helix in Chrome with Brody looking adorable.

When My Mom and I took Emily to Disney On Ice I took my Be Classy the Versailles.  This bag was super easy to carry and keep on my shoulder and held everything we needed!

Here is the B.F.F. in Black Magic with the B.R.B. in Queen of the Nile.

The Starlet in First Lady is the perfect travel and carry-one bag.  It holds so much!  Here, I took it to a photoshoot with both kiddos and had it packed with clothes and shoes!

This little cutie is the Fuel Cell an an awesome Tokidoki print.  I love the fuel cell for bottles or lunches but really you can carry anything in here!  I've packed extra diapers and a pack of wipes that I can quickly carry to the bathrrom with me while we're out and it's so convenient. 

Here is one of my all time favorite bags, the Be Sporty in Super Toki. I seriously love this print on this bag so much.  It's super trendy and fun and holds so much.

The Be Rich in the Nantucket print is just gorgeous and holds so so many cards! 

Here is the Nantucket print again in the Be Prepared bag!  It's huge!

Toki overload!  The Be Sporty, Mega Tech case, and Fuel Cell.

The B.R.B. in Providence is one of my all time favorite backpacks!

Versailles is the perfect print and goes so well in any style of bag.  The Be Classy is shown here when we all went out to dinner and it held everything needed for two kiddos.

Emily's Mini Be in Palm Beach is her favorite thing to take to school!  She loves being able to match Mommy with her bags and this style carries lots of extra changes of clothing since she is going through potty training!

Annapolis is shown here and it's the cutest print for summer time and anyone on the water, look at those sailboats! 

Here is the B.F.F. bag shown in the brand new Black Petals print! 

Ok, we've got twp B.R.B.s, a Starlet, a Mini Be, and a Be Set!  The grey and white striped backpack and crossbody bag are brand new prints called East Hampton!

Gah!  East Hampton is my favorite print so far!  I love it!

Mr. Brody with his Be Prepared in Nantucket! 


Here is a closer look at Emily's so so adorable teensy Itty Bitty Be! 


The Providence print is so versatile!


The Be Ready is the best makeup case ever, it even has spots for brushes!


OKAY!  So, lots of goodies and different shots to show the sizes and all.  Let's get down to business...


  • Pros: This was the first JJB bag I ever had!  I really wanted a diaper bag that was a backpack to be able to be hands-free.  This bag packs well and holds a moderate amount, in my opinion.


  • Pros: This is an awesome "Dad Bag".  The plain design and sleek look is something my husband totally appreciates.  It's awesome to be able to have all the features of a JJB bag without it really looking like a diaper bag.  This bag could totally be used work!

Be Classy

  • Pros: This bag holds a lot more than it looks like it would!  I love the classic design, simple lines and shoulder straps.  The inside has lots of goodie pockets which is something I'm into for sure!


  • Pros: This is my all time favorite bag!  At first I didn't think I'd like it so much since I already had and love the B.F.F. but I was so wrong.  This backpack has curved shoulder straps making it super comfortable to wear, ton, I mean TONS of pockets and compartments, too!  There are even like-hidden pockets in this bag!  The front flap has a huge fully zippered mess  pocket.  I store my baby wrap carrier here when I'm out.  There is a top pocket where all my essential oils fit perfectly, a "secret" zippered compartment by the strap!  My husband likes carrying this bag too which is always a win!

Starlet (travel/overnight bag)

  • Pros: This bag is huge!  It's the perfect travel or carry-on bag.  We took it as our carry-on when we flew with the kiddos and it held so so much and still had room!  I love that this isn't a structured bag and can be folded just like the Be Light and Super Be.  These are all great for travel, beach bags, extra bags to throw in a diaper bag for whatever you need!

Fuel Cell (lunchbox)

  • Pros: I love that this can be used for bottles or as a lunchbox but it doesn't have to be!  You can store anything in here, from makeup to diapers, or anything else!  It's got a lot more room than it looks like it has too.

Be Prepared

  • Pros: This is the perfect diaper bag for multiple kiddos.  I love packing vertically and even though this bag is wider than it is tall, the entire front opens up and allows you to see everything super easily.  It has big insulated side pockets and a huge front pocket for even more storage.  I traveled with this bag as my carry-on as well and it was perfect.

Be Set (small crossbody, clutch, and coin purse)

  • Pros: This set is just that-a set.  It comes with three pieces!  All the pieces coordinate together and i adore the long crossbody strap attached to the largest bag.  This is perfect for everyday wear as a small purse as long as you're not a hoarder of things, haha.

Mini Be (Emily's backpacks)

  • Pros: The Mini Be is the perfect size for kiddos but can be used by adults all the same!  It's large enough to hold an IPad, headphones, blanket, and snacks for Emily!  

Itty Bitty Be (Emily's purse)

  • Pros: This teensy purse is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!  This bag is like-the prefect size for holding all Emily's treasures and she seriously loves being able to match Mommy's big bag with hers.  There is even a removable thin strap that comes with this bag!

Be Sporty

  • Pros: This is my second favorite all time bag from JJB!  Again, I love the backpack feature.  I love how this bag just looks cool.  Like a trendy Mom would wear this!  The straps are super comfortable and there are all kinds of pockets!

Be Ready (makeup case)

  • Pros: This makeup case is my new best friend.  Who knew you could pick such a gorgeous print for a makeup bag!?  One feature I love most is that you can simple throw this case in the wash like you can with all JJB bags.  That of course makes it super simple to help keep your makeup bag clean!

Be Rich (wallet)

  • Pros: There are tons of card slots, lots of other places for cash, checks, etc.  I really like the snap and how simple it is to coordinate with all the other prints!

Mega Tech (fits my IPad Pro)

  • Pros: I love love love the Mega Tech cases!  It's so nice to be able to feel comfortable knowing your IPad or tablet has amazing protection while looking so cute! 

So you might be thinking, "Why aren't there any cons listed?"  Well, basically because JuJuBe can do no wrong and I don't think there are any cons with their bags! Haha.  The founders are some of the most involved people in the brand and are always taking customers' ideas and needs into consideration when designing and updating their products!  There are so many different diaper bags, other bags, purses, and accessories to choose from that you just can't go wrong. 

So anyway, I hope this post helped narrow down some bags for you if you were having trouble deciding!  Let me know what your favorite bag is too, I wanna know!