Indoor Picnics + Gerber Snacks


Brody is becoming so independent these days and it seems like each day he's doing something new that I didn't even realize he knew how to do!  Just less than two weeks ago he wasn't even crawling.  Now that our vacation gets closer and closer I'm starting to imagine how much more work it's going to be to keep him around us!  Help me!   


On my days off and when when sister is at school, we have picnics during lunch time.  Today was pretty chilly for him to be sitting outside so we switched it up and had an indoor picnic.  Brody started his obsession of feeding himself with Gerber's puffs about a month ago and has since "graduated" to , which you can find at your local Kroger!  I feel great as a mama knowing Brody is getting the best nutrition possible without me, busy working mom, always being the person to make it.  Usually Brody is super messy with his food but Gerber has stepped up the pouch game and introduced their Smart Flow cap which helps get more yummy food in the belly, instead of, well you know, where ever they sling it around to!  

Deets on Gerber's Smart Flow Spout:  


This spout is customized according to what's inside the pouch!  That means that with each squeeze of Gerber's pouches, the appropriate amount of yummy goodness comes out, reducing waste and mess!  Pretty cool, right?  This spout is also softer than traditional plastic spouts and has rounded edges for our little babes' mouths.  


With all the #pouchfails we had with Emily learning to feed herself, I'm so happy to have a #pouchWIN!  Trust me, you, your washing machine, and your carpet cleaner will thank me on this one!  

What are some of your favorite "learning to feed myself" foods?? 


If you'd like to join the fun, share your own #pouchWIN on your social media showing us and Gerber how your little one love their Smart Flow pouch! 


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