What's In My Diaper Bag?


Today I'm doing a fun post about what exactly is in my diaper bag!  I love seeing these posts, especially when the Mama just grabs her bag and opens it up, not staging anything or packing it perfectly and that's what I've done today.  

Let's start by talking about my actual diaper bag.  I'm carrying JuJuBe's Be Prepared in their brand new Nantucket print.  It's gorgeous, it's huge, and it's so practical for families with more than one child or just an overpacker!  I have another JuJuBe Be Prepared that I've traveled with and these bags are essential for any trip whether you have kiddos with you or not.  That's something I definitely love most about the JuJuBe brand, they're not solely diaper bags by any means!  

The Be Prepared bag is extra large and is packed with pockets and everything you'd need to help stay organized which is why I tend to carry it most often.   Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with JuJuBe, and there's good reason for that; they have thought of everything when designing their bags.  There are two pockets that are insulated, the fabric is mold and mildew protected, even the closures are quiet using magnetic snaps instead of noisy velcro that would for sure wake my little guy up!  Here are some awesome views of the Be Prepared:


The first thing I think all us parents think about packing is FOOD!  Brody still takes a bottle so I love the convenience of our Twistshake bottle!  There's a small container that fits right into the bottle to hold formula or you could use it for any other snacks as well.  B.Box has made it super simple to keep our extra formula with us using their Snack Pack, although I enjoy feeding Brody handmade foods, I've found that sometimes that's not the best idea for us, so I always have the next best thing with us, our Gerber baby food and a Take n' Toss spoon!  


Little mister is a messy eater on occasion so I'm sure to pack our bag full of bibs like this Little Unicorn bibdana style bib.  Lastly for Brody, Gerber Puffs.  He loves these puffs and it's so sweet watching him work on his hand-to-mouth coordination when he's picking these up! 


Emily is almost three and pretty much eats what we eat as long as she's not being too picky.  I do toss in one of our Logan & Lenora waterproof clutches with some snacks in it for her though.  I love things that do double duty so this clutch is perfect for me since it can be used for soiled clothing as well!  (Gotta love potty-training, right!?) 


Of course I keep lots of diapers and wipes on hand for both babies.  Currently we're loving the Luvs brand diapers since both kiddos have been sick and going through SO many, it's saved us money and the quality is amazing.  Our Huggies reusable wipes pouch is one of my favorite and most inexpensive things in my bag.  I think it was only $3.00 at Target!   

Both of my kiddos have super dry skin, even to the point where Emily has "baby excema".  I make sure to ALWAYS have an ointment or lotion with me that I can apply if I notice a dry patch.  Emily tends to scratch herself to the point that she's bleeding too, poor thing, and this Tubby Todd All Over Ointment is great at soothing her dry patches as well as helping to heal where she scratches.   

Tank & Bloomers: Mille&Roo

Tank & Bloomers: Mille&Roo

Kid And Kind

Kid And Kind

I try to come off somewhat put together, so cute and simple outfits for the babes are packed for whatever situation might happen while we're out.  Brody is easy and wears whatever I want him to, of course.  Emily on the other hand, I've learned to give her options.  Even if it's just about what hair clip she wants to wear, it gives her a sense of control with her outfits. 

Tank and Harem Shorts: Mille&Roo

Tank and Harem Shorts: Mille&Roo




THE BLANKET!  Lord knows not to leave the house without a blanket.  Bebeaulait has their new summer line out with Emily's favorite blanket!  Look how adorable this popciscle print is!  Again, I love me some double duty products and this blanket is another one of those.  It's super soft for cuddling up with and sleeping but has multiple layers to make it thicker so I use it for picnics at the park or as a cart cover when we go Targeting.   


Emily doesn't go anywhere without her little grey bunny so of course I have that with me.  Brody has been loving our Meadoria Handmade Wooden Teething Ring and Clip!   The wood soothes his gums so well and I love that it's all natural.  Recently I've come to really fall in love with my Young Living Essential Oils and don't leave home without them.  I've been applying Copaiba to his gums to help with the pain of teething!  Also, how cute and practical is this leaf carrier bag!?


Last but not least are all the things for Mama!  Of course I have my wallet, JuJuBe, duh!  I always have my EOS lip balm, Tubby Todd Mama Spray, and my Teamí tumbler with me, too.  The spray, as all us Mamas know, is amazing when you just literally don't have time fit in a shower.  My go-to morning drink has been from Teamí, loose tea leaves, and it really helps suppress my appetite until lunch time.  


What do you guys keep in your diaper bag?!  

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