Time To Slow Down

Can you friggin’ believe it’s only 4 days until Christmas?!  I can’t, and not to mention that our celebrations start the 23rd with family so... WHOOP WHOOP!


Very recently, like last month recent, I started going to church.  I can’t explain how much this has been helping my life.  The first service I went to felt like the preacher was speaking directly to me.  It hit home for me on so many levels.  Honestly I have never been a religious person but recently I’ve been feeling the urge to go and I’ve never made a better decision in my life.  

I still have a ave a bunch of questions and new things that pop into my mind each week I go but I’m so optimistic that this is such a great thing for me and the babies as well!  They love it at the kids’ ministry!  

Part of the sermons this this month has been focused on understanding that “It’s not about me.”  Everything we do is in the long run and right. Ow for Him.  I’ve really utilized that feeling and conceptnin our daily lives with the babies this past month.  Now I’m not saying I EVER neglected to spend time with my babies or anything because to be honest, they’re pretty spoiled.  I have been making a conscious effort to keep that phrase in my mind though, and to try to see my babies as Jesus would see them.  I’ve been giving them a lot more grace each day and have been trying to remember to let them be little while they still can. 

I think its its so important to S L O W  D O WN.  Take time with your loved ones.  Do things, even tiny things, to show them you care.  Kindness goes a long way, people!  Think about it... If someone you don’t know cuts you off in traffic or something, you’re way more likely to say something in anger against them because they can’t hear you.  There are no reprocussions.  But would you say that same thing to their face?  Heck no, right?!  There would be fist fights all over the place haha.  If you think about it though, family and people you’re close to are the ones who get the wrath of your anger aren’t they?  I know mine are and I’m working so hard on changing that.  I’m trying to be more in the moment.  I mean, look at that face up there ( the many faces of Emily ) ... how could I ever not want to be around her?!