Get In The Frame

One of the most asked questions I get is about my husband.  Specifically if he is always taking photos of me and the babies.  NOPE!  This past year I tried to make it more of a priority for me to be in photos with my babies.  I mean, it's super simple to always only take photos of other people, right.  Especially kids, who are always so adorable and never need to "get ready". 


So what do I use and how long does it really take to get a good photo with me in it?  It's super simple and you'll than me for this later.  you'll need:

  • a remote shutter for your camera
  • good lighting
  • something fun for the babies, like a game, snacks, etc.
  1. set up your camera on either a tripod if you have one or create something from either a couch, chair, stack of books...whatever works.
  2. DON'T call your kiddos over until you've taken your test shots!  Figure out where you need to be according to the natural light!
  3. snacks are life savers for little babes. Always have them on hand
  4. snap away.  I'll even let Emily hold the shutter remote to take the photo so she has fun with it.