DIY Last Minute Minnie Mouse Costume


If you’re anything like me you’ve got way too much going on to think long and hard about your kiddos’ Halloween costumes but of course you still want them to be cute and something they’ll love.  Today Emily helped me make her Minnie Mouse costume from pieces we already had at home, #winning!  I love when I can get double duty out of our pieces so these types of costumes are my favorite!  


For this costume what you’ll need: 

  1. a red dress (we used this one)
  2. black pants or tights (we used these)
  3. a black long sleeve tee shirt (we used this)
  4. mouse ears (we used these)
  5. something circular to trace
  6. scissors
  7. sticky white felt (I picked some up at Joann’s for $2.49)

The black pants and shirt are worn underneath the dress of course.  For the ears I added a simple little cut out bow because Emily refused to wear them unless there was a bow.   


To add the polka dots simply trace your circle, cut them out, and have your little one help you stick them on her dress and bam! ... she’s Minnie Mouse!