The Truth About Your Second Child


I remember when I was pregnant with Brody and hearing so much that the second time around the baby doesn't get as much attention, parents don't take as many photos, parents put the kiddo in daycare sooner... all kinds of things that people were semi joking about showing how much more protected parents are of their first baby.  There are even those commercials showing the Mom handing her baby to an oil covered mechanic and her toddler standing next to her but showed how spotlessly clean she was with her first baby, haha! 

I wouldn't say the jokes about the second child are all true, but there definitely is some truth behind it I think!  Part of my experience could also be that Brody is a boy and we of course had a girl first.  I really do think there is a difference in their resilience, at least my two!  Brody is a much harder player, already, and he happily goes to anyone!  Emily was so timid to go to anyone and don't even get me started on her first few weeks in daycare... It was nothing short of a nightmare dropping her off and made my mom-guilt skyrocket!


Brody is at that magical stage where every single thing intrigues him.  It doesn't matter if it's a couple of stairs, a light up toy, or as you'll see a fire hydrant, he loves everything!  This weekend my parents watched Emily overnight so Scott and I decided to take Brody out and just let him explore.  We used to do this all the time with Emily but let me tell you, two parents to one kid is so much easier than to parents to two kids!  It was so fun just watching him explore and it doesn't hurt that our weather has finally started to cool down so it was perfect outside!  He walked all over the place and wore his little booty out! 


So back to my thoughts here...  Do I think things are different with your second child?  Of course I do!  I'm way more laid back and I don't fear that every single thing is going to hurt him.  It's interesting because with Emily I remember literally being on the floor all the time playing and we had oh-so-many toys, we were overflowing in toys.  With Brody it's like he has his own little playmate who he adores and is at the age now where he just follows her around and annoys the crap out of her...and I love it.  I'm not saying I never get on the floor with him/them and play, because I do, but it's totally fun seeing them interact with each other now, especially with Emily occasionally wanting Brody around!... Occasionally!  Would I hand my kid over to an oil covered mechanic?  Probably not but I definitely wouldn't think twice if I saw a parent do that!  This is called the no judgement zone, haha!