Lunch For Two, Snack Time + Nuby Review

Ok friends, time is flying by over here.  I thought time flew when we had only Emily but my goodness!  Now that we have two little ones and I decided to stay at home with them it seems like my whole day disappears before it's even begun sometimes!  Does anyone else feel like this?

Brody is 7.5 months old now if that's even possible, so has started eating baby food.  By eating I mean gobbling it all up and getting mad, pulling my hand to his mouth if I'm not feeding him quick enough!  

Emily is the daintiest little eater I've ever met and it seems like she takes forever to get her food down.  I've started implementing eating lunch at the table, which I'm not ashamed to say is a new thing for us.  I realized that I need structure as much as they probably do.  I really enjoy our time together while Daddy is at work, no Mickey Mouse or Little Einsteins is on in the background.  Sometimes Emily will ask for music and of course I'm all about that, we love our dance parties!  Anyway, what I've started doing is having everyone sit together and only Emily eats at first while Brody plays, since she takes such a long time and I often have to bribe her somehow to finish and once she's through a good part of her food I'll start feeding Brody. Ugh.

As part of the Nuby family we were sent a few products to try out for our little family!  

The first thing I want to talk about and can't get enough of is their Miracle Mat.  You guys, this is awesome!  First off, it's shaped like a bear which Emily just loved.  She actually asked if she could have her food in her bear plate.  The mat suctions to your table or high chair and doesn't move, really it doesn't.  I tried!  Not only is this bear mat the cutest ever but it's functional as well as microwave/dishwasher safe.  This mat is great for any age little one from early learners to toddlers and beyond.  Winner, winner!

For Brody we were sent this super cool Trainer Cup that can be used at ANY angle, which is so awesome for learners, right?  Of course, even though something is "Brody's" that really means it's Emily's so she just had to have her juice in his cup, which was fine by me.  Whatever keeps her eating!  

Brody did get his chance at trying out his trainer cup, too, and he did really well!  I was surprised at how well he did actually because it took Emily for-ev-er to learn how to use any type of cup.

I call this a lunch success! 

Once we were done with lunch we finally changed into our real clothes and put on some Little Einsteins, of course.  Emily has recently become obsessed with anything pirate so of course she was a little excited to see "HER pirate cup" when it was snack time.

Nuby's new Snack N Sip cups are, for lack of a better word, amazing!  I can't believe I've never seen anything like this before, it makes so much sense.  Kiddos ALWAYS want juice and snacks, right?  Why not put them together in one place they can actually keep a hold of easily and that doesn't spill?  Genius.

I filled up Emily's pirate cup with juice and baby goldfish crackers and she was in heaven.  I highly recommend this cup for any little one that knows how to drink from a straw!  These awesome new Snack N Sip cups are available at a variety of stores, but of course I'll link none other than a Mama's favorite place to go, Target, below! (You're welcome)


To learn more about Nuby and see all the awesome kiddo products they offer, visit their social media below!

I received these products for review, but all opinions and recommendations are my own!


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