One More Sleep!

I can't believe we have TWO amazing, happy, and healthy babies here with us this year celebrating the holidays.  How did we get so lucky to deserve such an amazing family?

Every year we visit my parents about an hour away on Christmas Eve to celebrate with my side  of the family.  Emily loves going to my parents' house and is always so excited, screeching in the car by the time we get there and today was no different. 

The weather has been pretty cold here lately, between 2-30 degrees as a high but today it was 40 degrees!  Talk about an awesome day to start off our holiday get togethers!  I'm not a huge snow lover at all so I definitely didn't mind not having a white Christmas.

One thing I've started trying to do more of is photographing my kiddos indoors without a flash, on or off camera.  Whether it's going to our public library, our amazing Children's Museum, or inside anyone's home, I always have to be super careful about the surroundings and color of the walls.  

I am a total lover of the darker, deeper colored images these days so I don't mind bringing my exposure down, which seems to help my when photographing indoors.  

For the photos you see taking inside, my ISO was between 500-1250 which is really high for me so I was worried about grain, but I was lucky to be able to fix a lot of it in post processing.  My shutter speed was at 640 and my f/stop was all over the place depending on the photo.  Oh, and I always shoot in manual mode, even inside!

I would have loved to capture more photos but I decided to put the camera down and enjoy my family for the rest of our visit.

Happy Holidays!

Emily's dress:

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