"Time" To Meet JORD + A Discount Code!

For today's post, my husband is helping out showing off his new watch from www.woodwatches.com!  These watches are so unique and I knew he would love it as soon as he saw it.  Never heard of a wood watch?  Me either.  The wood used in making JORD watches come from all over the world and are treated to make the perfect completed look.  These pieces can be dressed up or down so easily, too.  Talk about a win for the men, right! 

One thing I love most about these watches is how light they are compared to metal watches.  The dark sandlewood finish is gorgeous too, and compliments any color of outfit.  So many compliments flew my husband's way when we were out and about, people are intrigued by JORD!  Trust me, any man in your life will love these watches.

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This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches.