Small Shop Love: Devon's Drawer

I've never been more of a small-shop/handmade lover than I am now and I love finding amazing quality pieces that can be dressed up or down and that can last forever being passed down.  Welcome to Devon's Drawer!  

Devon's Drawer is a totally handmade brand that specializes in heirloom clothing for modern kiddos!  Every piece of their clothing is ethically made and made to last generations.  Can it get any better than that!?  

The detail in these pieces is such high quality and I can tell so much time is spent on each article of clothing! 

Devon's Drawer is based in Los Angeles and sources their materials as closely to L.A. as they can to be able to make things locally.  I think it's a must that you visit their online store and learn all about this amazing brand and the makers behind it! 

Childrens FashionLeah