Hello! Welcome, Xoxo.




Hi there, I'm Leah and I'm so happy you've found my site!  This site is composed of all things fun, including photography, DIY, all things small-shop, and everyday moments of being a mama of two and a wife! 

A little about me: 

My husband and I met over 6 years ago at a mutual friend's wedding and hit it off right away.  We dated for a year, became engaged, a year later we were married, we moved to our new home a year later, our daughter came into our lives a year later and finally our son two years after that!  It seems like everything happened so fast when I really think about it but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Our daughter is Emily.  She's the spunkiest and sweetest little thing ever.  We love playing dress up in our small=shop clothing and taking photos and have awesome relationships with all the brands we work with!  Or son is Mr. Brody.  This little guy has given us a run for our money.  Brody was colicky for his first 3 months but is better now and a super fun and smiley, happy baby boy.  

Like I mentioned above, I'm a total small-shop junkie and love supporting other makers and families and you'll see tons of products here that come from small-shops!