Five Reasons We Love Goldfish Swim School

Well let me start of by saying that we have absolutely loved partnering with Goldfish Swim School over this past year. Both of our kiddos have come so far and we are such proud parents and so thankful to the staff who cares about and for our kiddos during their lessons! There really is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child’s face when they know they have accomplished a goal set out for them and sharing in their excitement!

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How To Be Happy

I always thought that in order to be happy I had to look a certain way or make a certain amount of money or drive a certain car or be at a certain status quo, whatever that was at the time in regards to what I was going through. It’s been a long time coming with lots of soul searching,

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Are You Part Of The Happy Hearts Club!?

Ok yes, I will admit that I occasionally like to document my outfit of the day… There, I said it! I try my hardest to not come across as a vain however I share outfits not as a way of getting praise but as a way to inform y’all of something I love!

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Leah Comments
Mighty Cross

Sometimes you just need to belt out your favorite worship song and move on with your day, right? My favorite song right now is Mighty Cross. I love singing it when we’re at church, love hearing it on the radio…ugh I just love it!

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FaithLeahFaith Comments
Brody’s Room Tour

I was asked recently why I never share photos of the kiddos in their rooms and I DO actually it just might not be obvious. I’ve been asked to share the boy’s room ever since I mentioned it’s the most minimalist in our house so here we go!

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Our Easy + Natural Way To Boost Our Immune Systems

I have a love/hate relationship with the thought of being intentional with everything I do. I am still learning and sometimes I just want a quick way to do something without having to research it but then I end up using things I never wanted to use. I’m talking about products with fragrance in them or even some medications that are over-the-counter that I just now am learning have other options.

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